[PAID] [QBCore] Bennys with Stancer | NoPixel Inspired

whats the resmon for this?

0.0 - 0.3

even while using vstancer? i always see any type of vstancer consume more resmon

i just tested in my localhost and is 0.0 - 0.3 but i think it doesnt go more than that

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Hi , you fix the half of the problem , now the vstancer save and when i take out the car of the garage i see my vstancer but other player didnt see it… and i have a question for you … idont know if it possible , but i would like the tuners garage take money from the mechanicjob not of the player who mades custom !




  • Fixed the problem, you see the stancer in the car but other players don’t see it.

P.S.: I lost my discord acc so im uncontactable there nonetheless i’m contacting the discord team to transfer the discord server to my new acc.

Hey man i think the problem is fixed and the second thing you mentioned i will do it in a couple day from now, I’m doing a new script and when I release them i will update it with that.

1 - This its not mine
2 - the strong in mine is the stancer part

Why are you trying flame?

I’ve already saw that one but i still bought this one because of the stancer. Much better in my opinion!

I put the print at false , but is constanly spam all player. And randomly when someone open the menu he freeze and need to disconnect and reconnect.

but it is by default freezing when opening the menu and the print is because I left an uncommented

yes i know is freezing by default , but the menu get stuck , and do you push a update for the print ?

yes i updated the print just download the new file, can you record a video of it because i cant understand what you are saying?

Hi, is it possible to do a purchase sum on this script? The mechanic adds the parts, at the end he has the sum and issues a bill for a specific person by, for example, shift.

when people repair the menu get stuck and dont go away



  • Fixed the problem, menu stuck on screen and freeze game.

teaser 1.2

@Django1m plese install the new update and tell me if the error continues.

@SuliA3 soon it will be aplied…

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Now the original menu is good , but the person get stuck in the wheel fitment menu

now you can install fixed.

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