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palSkills - The most advanced skill system for the QB framework

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EXAMPLE: Adding a drug selling skill in one minute

Skill systems allow you to add huge depth to all aspects of your server, improving the experience for your players at all stages of their journey. The problem, however, is that existing skill systems are usually very basic and mostly hardcoded, meaning that adding any custom skills can be a huge headache. While on the other hand, creating custom skill systems can be a gruelling task with the amount of security and optimization that needs to take place. Thus, palSkills was born. palSkills is the most advanced skill system available for the QB framework, it focuses on allowing server owners and developers to implement custom skills with minimal effort while not having to worry about exploits or performance hicks. The script also includes five base skills which don’t require external setup.


Premade Skills

  • Drug Selling, uses qb-drugs to reward players with extra cash every time they sell drugs as well as less chance of alerting police every time they make a handoff.

  • Driving, gain an increased top speed for all vehicles. Gain experience by driving at high speeds or use qb-lapraces and gain extra exp for finishing laps.

  • Strength, rewards the player with a damage modifier for all melee weapons. Earn experience by entering melee combat with players and peds. Staying in extended melee fights grants bonus stamina exp.

  • Shooting, gain experience by shooting, can be easily configued with qb-smallresources to grant trained players less recoil. Shooting inside gun ranges grants double exp.

  • Stamina, gain increased sprinting speeds. Earn experience by running, and even more by sprinting!

  • Lung Capacity, gain increased swimming speed. Gain experience by swimming, and even mor eby being under water!

  • Dexteriy, uses qb-bankrobbery to decrease players lockpicking time during those all important heists! Also has implemention with qb-lockpick to reward players for successfuly lockpicking.


palSkills comes with full documentation to help with setting up our script aswell as all our events and exports for other developers to make the most out of our skills system


Premade Skills

Adding Custom Skills

Script Developer?

I’m looking to work with other script developers which are interested in implementing palSkills into their scripts for that extra level of depth! If you’re interested and have over 30,000 downloads on your free scripts or 200 purchases on your paid ones then I’ll set you up with a free copy and help you out with adding whatever features you have in mind.

| Code is accessible | No (Two config files and default skills are accessible)
| Subscription-based | No
| Lines (approximately) | 1,300
| Requirements | qb-core, some of the extra skills require other free qb scripts
| Support | Yes

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