[PAID][QB] oxyrun - UPDATED

This is a QBCore Nopixel Inspired, Oxyrun System.
Resmon is at 0.00 when not using, 0.02-.03 when using

Updated Preview Video


  • Fully setup with qb-target
  • Easily make more oxy run locations
  • All Items and images included in the files
  • Sell stuff like marked bills, bands and rolls
  • Configurable



  • Added so that messages is configurable
  • Optimzed some bits

Tebex: Oasis Store (12.5$)

Not encrypted


It looks good, however I would always recommend telling people whether or not the resource is encrypted with escrow, if its not then its always a nice feature to add on as most people is looking for that nowadays if its not its just kinda scummy not telling.

Thanks for the tip, will add to the description

possible update of it needing a car to put the packages in rather than storing them in your prison pocket but looks good! <3

Thanks for the idea, definitely something that I’ll add soon.

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Can you sell marked bills?

Not yet, but this feature will definitely be added soon.

will definitely purchase if this feature is added <3 great work bro

Thanks alot <3, will definitely be added very soon.


  • Players now need to get in a vehicle to get the boxes
  • Added the option to make customers buy bills, band or rolls from the player (customizable prices)
  • Fixed some minor bugs

Any chance of a new video <3

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Would this conflict if multiple people did this at the same time?

It would, so i should probably add some kind of occupying routes. Thanks for the reminder <3

Would it be a matter of adding a location for selling? or would it require more to that.


  • Added so that messages is configurable
  • Optimzed some bits

Image: If all routes is occupied

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get multiple errors. one being after you finish an oxyrun and try another one, you get this…

the ped’s are not appearing

no support on discord either, messaged multiple customers, having issues as well!

The script doesn’t make it through the sendCar server event for me. It gets stuck checking if entities exist.