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The script is not encrypted

This script is an advanced, optimized garages, that shows all the vehicles in the parking lot, at once. You can get your vehicle out by the main menu, or just get to your car and press your selected keybind. Give your vehicle’s nicknames, includes a garage maker tool in-game, working with the latest version of qb-vehicleshop and qb-houses.




● All vehicles are physically placed.
● Set your own nickname for each vehicle.
● Advanced impound lot.
● Clean and simple UI.
● All parking lots are already in the script! Just drag & drop.
● Garage maker tool in-game

Plug & Play!

**We look forward to hear your thoughts!! IDZ Scripts.

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Very nice support ! thx guys

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Does the resource have a source code or it’s just locked

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the script is not encrypted, you can change anything.