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This is an amazing tool to have in a server. It is way easier to keep everything within the game itself rather than having your QA section in other third party places. This also is rewarding for those members of the community who are active and know a lot about the server as they get to help others.

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Great Tool! Maybe you can add something like “goto” which teleports you to player location and maybe add ID after playername :smiley:

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Thank you for the reply, the tp could be done for the admins, it’s a great suggestion and about the ID of the player, some frameworks change the player id when the player connects to the server.

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Thank you John for your feedback and I’m glad that your community enjoy it! <3

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suggestion: Use discord roles instead if what im assuming to be ace ?

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Sql permissions are used.

We just purchased the script but the whole thing is obfuscated and we can’t replace the getsharedobject. We have a custom sharedobject against modders. Can you please put the option in the config to have a custom shared object?
Like this:
Config.cl_sharedObjName = “esx:Customgetsharedobject” --esx getSharedObject event name for the CLIENT side. usually “esx:getSharedObject” leave alone if you dont know.

Config.sv_sharedObjName = “esx:Customgetsharedobject” --esx getSharedObject event name for the SERVER side. usually “esx:getSharedObject” leave alone if you dont know.

Thank you!

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Hi, for the moment I’m ar work. Once I will get home I will leave You a message and we will change the getsharedobject.

Thank you

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Hi !

Can we add multiple role for helper ?
Like superadmin can be helper and see the questions too.

Thank you !

Hi, no for the moment but I will start with @PapIovag 's request for now and I will try to integrate this feature too!