[PAID][QB] / [ESX] Reward system per day

Hey there!

Today im will bring a reward system

How it works

  • People can claim each day a reward
  • When people forgot one day the didnt can claim that.
  • He will reset when people didnt claim one day.
  • You can set all rewards on the giveplayer function

Buy: https://watchpatrick.tebex.io/
Video: [QB] / [ESX] Daily Reward - WP
support: WP - Development

ESX Version: https://watchpatrick.tebex.io/package/5001964



I need a version that is compatible with the ESX Framework.
and Using FiveM Escrow protection?

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Yeah i have already many other people that needs a version of esx framework so im currently working on that.

yeah its uses FiveM Escrow protection but you can change each reward :slight_smile: that file is open

Is there any logs/ admin tracking built into the script? Like Discord webhook on getting their daily or something like that?

Not right now. You can only set the rewards in a config file. Maybe a update for the future :slight_smile: if more people wants it

K well if you do get that into it tag me and id buy it instantly just dont wanna get something like this without logs of when and how much its giving out.

Bro, pls make an esx version out of it! :smiling_face_with_tear:

I’m on it. Many people asked me if i can make it for esx. So on this weekend i will do that :muscle:

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Update 4-3-2022

  • There is a ESX Version now!

If you have any questions? Come to the discord server :wink:

Were you able to add logs into that update? :slight_smile:

Great product and great service. I had some issues and he fixed it right away. This is definitely recommended. 5/5 stars.

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it will good if all the reward in one screen without the pages… maybe?