[PAID] QB-Core Gas Stations / Ownership / Job Script

QB-Core Gas Stations / Ownership / Job Script

A fully customisable RP script to enable player ownership of the gas stations, manage stock levels & earn money.

Preview: qb-fueljob
Tebex Link: https://sc0tt.tebex.io/package/5391665

Gas Station Features

  • Massively configurable
  • Realistic pipe between pump & handle
  • 4 step fueling process;
    • Request approval (automatically approved if nobody is working at the station)
    • Grab fuel nozzle
      • The user is deducted the maximum of fuel they can afford, or the vehicle can take, or the station has in stock, or the maximum set in configuration
    • Fuel vehicle
      • The nozzle location is relative to the rear tailight closest to the pump
    • Return nozzle
      • The player is refunded the difference between the amount of fuel they took and were charged
  • Ghosting of pumps if player is in a vehicle to stop de-sync explosions (optional)
  • Uses qb-target
  • Automatically stops fueling if player goes too far from the pump
  • Customisable blips
    • Proximity blips (only show “closest gas station”) optional

QB-Core Job Features


  • Approve / Decline player pump requests
  • Change gas price at station (between max/min set in configuration)
  • Job name configurable, per station or globally
  • Manage station stock / accept deliveries
  • Uses qb-target

Player Ownership Features


  • Fully supports boss menus (qb-management)
  • Saved via the database (optional)

Support is provided via Discord!

Code is accessible Config Only
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 1365
Requirements QB-Core
Support Yes

Does it have fuel exports as i guess it has build in fuel system?

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Negative, uses the LegacyFuel as that’s bundled with qb-core. Was done to support QB-Core huds etc.

what is the resmon for this?

0.2 idle if you use the proximity blips & pump phasing.

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do anyone know where this supposed to be install at


do anyone know where this supposed to be install at

Yeah, still the same place… https://sc0tt.tebex.io/package/5391665

honestly dont see that on that page for where to place files

It’s a resource, you put it in your resources folder like you do any other resource. You have to buy it to download it.

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kool buying now

QUICK QUESTION WHAT PART OF ensure am I using Jobs?

I have a list of ensured im trying to see what would this normally fall under also I already paid for it

You ensure the resource name, so ensure qb-fueljob and the config for the job is in the README.md

Does this work with ti_fuel since that system provides legacy fuel support by any chance?

If it supports LegacyFuel, it will be supported.

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did you figure this out?