[Paid] [QB-Core/ESX] PC-Advanced 3D Crafting Simulator

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Introducing Advanced Crafting for QBCore/ESX: The Ultimate Crafting Experience
Immerse yourself in the gritty world of crafting and repair with this innovative FiveM script. Gun Crafting for QBCore/ESX offers an unparalleled level of customization, allowing you to build your arsenal from the ground up or meticulously restore your favorite firearms to their former glory.

Craft Your Dream Weapon

  • Choose from a diverse range of weapons: Assault rifles, pistols, SMGs, and even powerful .50 caliber handguns are at your fingertips.
  • Gather the necessary parts: Scavenge for barrels, triggers, stocks, and other components to assemble your chosen weapon.
  • Level up your crafting expertise: Gain experience with each successful craft, unlocking access to more complex and powerful firearms.
  • Track your progress: A detailed crafting history allows you to admire your past creations and relive the satisfaction of building your arsenal.

Master the Art of Repair

  • Diagnose damaged weapons: Identify malfunctioning parts with a comprehensive damage system that tracks the health of individual components.
  • Find the right tools and parts: Utilize various tools and replacement parts to meticulously repair your weapons and restore their functionality.
  • Gain valuable experience: Each repair not only fixes your weapon but also increases your crafting experience, allowing you to tackle more challenging projects.
  • Remember your restoration journey: A dedicated repair history showcases your meticulous work and the weapons you’ve brought back to life.

Immersive and Interactive Gameplay

  • Realistic 3D model interaction: Interact with weapon models in a stunning 3D environment, removing and attaching parts with intuitive controls.
  • Detailed part information: Hover over parts to see their names, images, and condition, providing valuable insights into your crafting and repair endeavors.
  • Seamless integration with QBCore/ESX: The script seamlessly integrates with the QBCore/ESX framework, ensuring a smooth and consistent gameplay experience.
  • Easy selection of Parts Lets you choose the number of parts needed to craft each weapon according to your playerbase preference.
  • Custom Weapons Support Easily configure custom weapons through the config file.

Unmatched Customization and Depth

  • Visually stunning graphics: Immerse yourself in the world of gunsmithing with high-quality 3D models and detailed textures.
  • Regular updates and improvements: The script will have multiple updates over time increasing the arsenal. Support us in the journey of transforming crafting in FiveM Servers.

Take control of your arsenal and experience the thrill of crafting and repairing your own weapons. Advanced Crafting for QBCore/ESX is the ultimate tool for any FiveM player who demands the best in weapon customization and immersive gameplay.

  • Spring Sale on Till April 18th[Flat 20% off]
  • Buy QbCore
  • Buy ESX

Note : The script will have multiple updates over time increasing the arsenal of
weapons as well as non weapon items like lockpicks, electronic items etc. Support us in the journey of transforming crafting in FiveM Servers.


  • qb-target
  • qb-core/es-extended
  • ox_target

Our Other scripts

Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 2000
Requirements ox_target/qb_target
Support Yes


  • Added Carbine Rifle [07-04-2024]
  • Added Combat Pistol [08-04-2024]
  • Added SMG [11-04-2024]
  • Added Pump Shotgun [13-04-2024]
  • Added Special Carbine [16-04-2024]



This looks like freaking dope. Does it work with quasar inventory for qb-core?

Hi. Yes, its compatible with it.

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Take my money

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Good one!

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Work with qb-inventory ?

Yes, it does!

The real question is does it work with custom weapons


will it work with custom weapons or nah but i doubt it tho since they barely addin the original weapons.

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Yes, it does work with chstim weapons. The weapons work by mapping game’s weapons to the script’s weapons, so a simple change of weapon name in config can enable mapping custom weapons to these weapons. Hope this helps!

We are adding more weapons as fast as possible. It takes a lot of effort to prepare these models with parts, and we’re doing it priority based getting feedback from our customers. You can definitely suggest weapons as well as items in our support channel and we’ll do our best to add them. :smile:

So I don’t understand how it’s gonna work with custom weapons if it’s taking y’all time to add weapons I just wanna clarify before I by cuz I run a boatload of weapons so they all should work correct?

Ok, so by custom weapons, I meant the weapon already available in the script. For eg, if you have pistol by the name of beretta, then you can use the beretta model in the script to craft beretta in your server, instead of the default pistol. But yes, We do not have support for unlimited number of custom weapons, as weapons are still in the process of getting added. As these are completely custom 3D models, it requires a bit of work to craft them for scratch, but yes, I would urge you to join our support channel if you have any specific weapons in mind you would like to suggest.

Should you wait because we also have a lot of custom weapons like airsoft, ak74 and co. We don’t want to buy anything and then it won’t work

Hi, there are many weapons already there including ak47 and many are getting added slowly. You can definitely choose to wait. You can also buy and help us add more weapons by feedback. Thank you for considering our script.

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