[PAID] QB-Core Customisable Vapes


Preview: qb-vape
Tebex Link: https://sc0tt.tebex.io/package/5387020

A fully customisable RP vape script, with realistic smoke clouds & vape animation/model, complete with QB-Core perks for the smoking user. All included items QB-Core item configuration is provded in the README.md file, icons are provided in the qb-inventory-images folder.


Players must purchase an empty Vape Pen/Capsule & combine the items. The player will then be allowed to smoke their vape pen 50 times before the item is “empty” and taken from their inventory, with a small cooldown between each vape action.


Included Flavours:

  • CBD (No colour smoke)
  • CBD Strawberry (Red smoke cloud)
  • CBD Lime (Green smoke cloud)
  • CBD Blueberry (Blue smoke cloud)
  • CBD Orange (Orange smoke cloud)
  • … and you can add your own easily!

Included Perks:

  • Increase the player’s stamina temporarily
  • Increase the player’s speed temporarily
  • Decrease the player’s stress
  • Increase the player’s hunger
  • Increase the player’s thirst
  • Increase the player’s armor up to 25%
  • … and you can add your own easily!

Support is provided via Discord!

Fivem Paid Script Information:

Code is accessible Config Only
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 327
Requirements qb-core
Support Yes

how much is it

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No link for where to purchase

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https://sc0tt.tebex.io/package/5387020 Will edit now.

5.99 GBP including tebex fees.

Would love to see something like a Cigar version as well

Code is not accessible all i got it for was to get the ```
ParticleFx … and you can add your own easily! — How—

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Config files are now excluded, sorry I thought I’d done that! Please re-download :slight_smile:

thank you

preview coming ?

It’s quite a simple script, if I remember I’ll record a preview but not sure it needs it.

Added the preview: qb-vape