[PAID] Priority Dealership [SQL/Discord Based] [NativeUI]

Exclusive Vehicleshop FiveM [ Priority Based Dealership ] [ NativeUI ]

Priority VehicleShop

This Vehicleshop is Automatic Dealership for Priority People for your server.

Two types of configurations:-

  1. SQL Based Priority
  2. Discord Based Priority

Three Priority Tiers Level 1 ,2 ,3

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🛈 Information

:file_cabinet: SQL Based Priority

Category Priority
Can Buy
Level 1 3 Highest Priority Can Buy Level 1,2,3
Level 2 2 Medium Priority Can Buy Level 2,3
Level 3 1 Low Priority Can Buy Level 3
  • /givepriority [id] [1-3]
    Here, [id] = Player In-game ID&[1-3]= Priority Level according to SQL value given in above table.
  • Change Config.PrioritySQL = true & Config.PriorityDiscord = false in shared/shared.lua
  • Add add_ace group.[GROUPNAME] ccvehshop allow to server.cfg for priority command to work for specific groups

:mega: Discord Based Priority

  • Add Bot Token & Discord Server Id & Roles Name/ID in shared.lua
  • Change Config.PrioritySQL = false & Config.PriorityDiscord = true in shared/shared.lua

:shopping_cart: Buy From Tebex: Click Here or Click Here


  • SQL Query Tweaks in /givepriority command
  • Changed Command permission from xPlayer.getGroup() to Ace Permissions


How can i get support

Getting an error with this:

Same as me

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Anyway we can get some support on this? I am just having some little issues with the above reference

Just check the SQL whether the value for priority is given other than NULL

@ABOWPLAYS @MNFCANDY_NETWORK Issue Fixed Help provided in discord and I have mailed others who bought this script, also I have updated this fix for new customers. Thank you