[paid] personal css setti̇ngs | qb-inventory


Hello, ı’m Onlyest

I made personal css settings so people can make their own inventory.
It doesn’t matter if it’s qb, esx or any framework
Codes are not encrypted or licensed


  • You can edit your theme color and theme color opacity.
  • You can edit your font colors and you can edit your font opacitys with the details button.
  • You can edit your item slot border color and border opacity.
  • You can edit your label color and label opacity.
  • You can edit your slot border radius with the slider.
  • You can edit your background darkness.
  • You can control the background blur with the checkbox.
  • If you want to close the inventory by pressing outside of the inventory you can check.
  • You can check if you want the side inventory slots to be red.
  • If you want the menu to close when the inventory is closed, you can check it.
  • If you want to adjust item drag sound you can check.
  • If you want to hide item quality you can check.

Inventory Video
The inventory language in the video is Turkish, but the inventory language I sold you is English

I’m selling only html, css and js files.
If you buy you must replace my files and your inventory files with mine
but I will put my own inventory in the file, you can use it if you want.


Discord: Onlyest#1000
My Discord Server

in game photos:



I guess nobody liked :frowning:

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Nobody will see it here in discussion… share it on release page buddy

Remove your discord link too

I know, but I can’t open a thread there. I’m not level 2. It tells me to enter the forum for 15 days. I have no time.

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I moved it to Releases for you, but please work your trust level up so you can post there yourself.

Good Job! Awesome! I think is one of the best things i’ve ever see

you sure you made this??? saw it in a forum like 2 weeks ago
edit: maybe not, wait ill try to find it :smiley:

thank you so much

thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I wrote all the codes myself and and i only sold it to one person, you are not likely to see the same in another forum

Good job !

thx dude

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I’m explaining because someone asked
qb, esx or any framework doesn’t matter for inventory


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thanks, are you liam?

yes, lol

Nice dude

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thanks :yum:

I’ve never seen anything this beautiful for such a cheap price. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

expensive for me :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: