[PAID] [PED] Justin "Fat Cop" Burg

Take your gaming experience to the next level!
With the release of our Justin “Fat Cop” Burg Unlock your unique style with our exclusive premade custom peds, available now on Tebex! Stand out from the crowd with these distinctive character models that effortlessly integrate into your game. Whether you’re craving a new look or a fresh vibe, our peds are ready to elevate your gaming experience in seconds.


📷 Preview

👕 Outfits

Shirtless Outfit,
Farmer Outfit,
Hillbilly Outfit,
Cop Short Sleeve Uniform (LSPD, BCSO, SAHP),
Cop Long Sleeve Uniform (LSPD, BCSO, SAHP),
Detective Uniform (LSPD, BCSO, SAHP),
Doctors Uniform,
Prisoner Outfit,
Fat Casual Hoodie Outfit,
Fat Polo Shirt Casual Outfit,
Fat Gangster Outfit (Vagos, Ballas, Grove)
Fat Suit Outfit,
Fat Lost MC.

📰 Details

66 Models
229 Textures
14 Outfits


[PAID] [PED] Nigel "Old Cop" White :older_man:
[PAID] [PED] Frank "Old Gangster" Sterling :older_man:
[PAID] [PED] Jerry "Old Hero" Chu :older_man:
[PAID] [PED] Korma "Old Indian" Singh :older_man:

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