[PAID] Paint Shop | Chameleon Paints & Custom Colors

UI is now open source.

** BBV X WORLD | Paintshop ** UPDATE

You can now have more than 1 paintshop.
Fixed issue where you can paint without having money.

BBV X WORLD | Paintshop

PaintGuns and now separate for every location

BBV X WORLD | Paintshop Update

Added the “UseDist” option in the config that can help with issues when paintshops are very close to each other. Try lowering it if you encounter problems.

We’ve also added an option for automatic blip creation for your paintshop.

Cuidado con este tipo de script que venden estas personas, literal NO lo entregan codigo abierto

There are 2 types of resources (Escrow & Open Source), you can find your open-source products here : https://bbv.world/category/open-source

Please fix bug which brings player camera to the sky when entering painting mode.

Try to change the UseDist in the config and make sure that the camera and the paint station are in this range. If you still have issues open a ticket.

this is pretty dope, so multi job + multi location?

Payment go to specific job location?

You can select multiple jobs and locations yes.
Payment money dose not go anywhere, but the functions are open source so you can easily edit it.

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I cannot find UseDist

Then you are not using the newest version of the script. Update from your keymaster.

why to it tells i dont use any color everytime but i choose an color

Hi, please open a ticket in our discord so we can help you with your issue.

we dont get any respond ^^

We did answer you and we continue to give you support in the ticket, you responded late at night while i was asleep, please be patient and stop spamming under the post, if you have any issues message me in the ticket and we will answer asap.

so 2 more days we dident get any answer

We are looking into your issue, this happens only for you so we are trying to figure out what the problem is as said in the ticket. If you don’t want to wait message me and i will refund you.