[PAID] OYC (High quality mod) 2022 Mercedes Benz-Maybach s680

OYC (high quality mod) Maybach s680 GET IT HERE
Car data

2021 Mercedes-Benz Maybach s680

Polygon :724.242

File size :148 MB

FiveM asset custody

Meta-file + YTD editable


  • Fully working dashboard (everything works) HD

  • Color changing indoor ambient light

  • Vehicle HD Stains

  • HD rear view mirror

  • gta5 license plate + OYC license plate

  • Automobile brake calliper can change color

  • Real engines

  • Fragile glass with cracked texture

  • Correct turn signals, backup lights and other light functions

  • Correct body type

  • Precise exterior lights

  • Real car keys

  • Correct car trunk

  • Accurate hands on the steering wheel

  • Realistic steering wheel angle

  • Realistic handling and top speed

  • Privacy curtain

Make your car less poly count :clap:

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700k+ poly ??? no thx

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ngl its lookin even better than the actual one

Please don’t compare the game mod to the 3D mod

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I don’t really understand

This is the best Maybach S680 I’ve ever seen

The perfect piece of work

really like your car

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Ok, thank you.

This still available?

yes Fixed

Wow this is Mercedes Maybach S680 is like 8k textures damn.

Can you make this car addon cars please ?

is this still available?

Hello, we want to buy the mod. Was the original vehicle sound used? Is Fivem compatible? Is it possible to test it on a fivem server?

important that for fivem the .ytd file is not more than 16 mb
or you split the car