[PAID] [NEW] WeaponWheelStyle

WeaponWheelStyle LeoShop

* High Quality Design
* Optimizated ( º File Size: 2.00mb , replaces the original weapon wheel º Consumption = 0 ms)
* 3 New Different Styles

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Preview: WheaponWheelStyle LeoShop - YouTube

Thanks to :
Arkania Producciones: https://www.youtube.com/c/ARKANIAPRODUCCIONES


Can the huds be customized (color, etc)?

They cannot be personalized, for a personalized design(logo,color,new style) contact me using my Tebex information.

Replaces the original weapon wheel hud?

Yes , that is the reason why it does not consume any processor part.

Uses Asset Scrow?

No, you dont need a license.


Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Support Yes

Was going to buy it but $30 is way too high.


nice, but expensive man.
want to buy, but 30$ for a feature like that is way too high for me.

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Its like 10$ each style, not uses asset scrow so you dont need a license to use it. And at the moment this is the only one of a kind .

Looks cool, although you could just split the huds in 3 different packages? I don’t think anyone can, nor wants to use 3 different kind of weaponwheels

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30$ lol

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i would buy, but never ever for 30$. 10$ is fair.

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Nice & Very beatiful Design but its to expensive in my opinion

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Good suggestion, I just split the packages. Thanks for the feedback . :slight_smile:

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It does not come with escrow system but code is not accessible?

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Yes, is not accesible. Remember escrow system is not the only way. But as I wrote, if you want something personalized (color,logo,new style) you must contact me using the tebex information of my store.

Got it :slight_smile:

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