[PAID] New ID-Card System [Standalone]

New ID-Card System [Standalone]

Features :

  • Information Is Sync able To Other Player
  • You Can Re-issue Your Pic At City Hall
  • Smooth And Clean UI
  • Easy Configurable


Credit For Idea: [Release] jsfour-idcard [ESX]
Dependency: GitHub - citizenfx/screenshot-basic: FiveM client screenshot resource


Pretty sweet, but damn is $30 steep for something so simple. Not to discredit your time and work. It definitely becomes time consuming quick. Its outside of our budget for now, but i’m going to bookmark this and come back to it later.


the mdt for how much?


You could have just clicked his Tebex link. It’s on there for $50…

I’m not hating from someone i dont care if you sell or not I just wanted to inform @MiguelRubio that he can find the mdt for free

I will leave this on the moderators but once again you made a new account just to write these stuff on our post please stop giving the hate and man up to come from your real account don’t make fake accounts bud!

I don’t have an account in forum i just opened new account to type this