[PAID][NEW][ESX][HUD] lw_bubblehud

Bubble HUD is a sleek, minimal and perfomance friendly HUD designed with simplicity in mind. It has an intuitive and quality design with a lot of features like indicators for:

  • Health
  • Armor
  • Hunger
  • Thirst
  • Stress
  1. It also has a compass with the direction, street and location, a job display and its society money indicator.
  2. This HUD has custom notifications with adjustable trigger and sound volume/toggle.

You can toggle all the parts of the HUD in order to achieve the look that you want!


Config Preview:

€8.54 tax included!



Nice release my man @lilwesyy - Always coming out with the clean UI’s for everyone :wink: → Nice config too! Lots of things to customise as well!

@Esplike thank you mate, btw i’ll keep updating it!

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Not bad :slight_smile:

Nice hud,for perfect RP

@ScottyFX Thank you

@mrptest Thank you

Looking good!

@SASSBoss Thank you

Nicee bro

@guillerp thank you mate, still working on it

does it support higher resolutions specially widescreen ones.?

@Genesis.Heero I hope this answers!

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Hello, any way to get Oxygen level on the hud?

@wittlehaze Contact me in private and I’ll explain you how

Do you plan on making one for the map as well?

@ztype8 What do you mean?

Are we able to change where the location hud is? I want to have it next to where the minimap will be. And also, are we able to configure it so that it only shows when in vehicle?

You talking about the mini map? You don’t see it right now because he is on foot, not in a vehicle.

you actually can, contact me in private so i can explain you how