[PAID] [MLO] Warehouse Pack

here is my next project - Warehouse Pack designed for Roleplay.

This new MLO will keep your goods safe!
Reworked original GTA interior.

- 5 Different locations of Warehouse
- Two different versions of Interior

File include 2 versions! Feel free to use the one, that u like!
a) Standard version with some crates, boxes and etc. for warehouse with legal stuff
b) Illegal version with crates, guns, weed, money and etc. for illegal use

Cypress Flats
X = 866 | Y = -2144 | Z = 30

El Burro Heights
X = 1088 | Y = -2400 | Z = 30

La Mesa
X = 924 | Y = -1560 | Z = 30

X = -326 | Y = -1356 | Z = 31

Elysian Island
X = -339 | Y = -2444 | Z = 7

Hope you like it!
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I’m sorry but using gta warehouse mlo and adding stuff isnt worth $8. this could be considered thief from rockstar

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Tons of people do it, even major MLO creator names and charge at least double that. Native GTA warehouses must be teleported into. This creator made it so you can just walk thru a door.

It’s worth the 8 bucks just for that. Would be worth a little more if they had made it so the garage door worked instead so we could pull a van in, but it is what it is.


Thanks for your words!

hahah, u leaked my update idea :sweat_smile: in future i definetly plan to do that, maybe even bigger warehouses too

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