[PAID] [MLO] Post Op Depot - Custom Warehouse

Post Op Depot - Custom Warehouse

Juniors Interiors would like to proudly present the Post Op Depot. Located in the Dock region, This warehouse can accommodate for imports and exports, interstate shipments or anything else your mind can imagine (Smuggling?), This warehouse is a unique kind of MLO, something that’s clean but can also accommodate for whatever you’d like, Turn it into a Mechanic? Dealership? Transport HQ? With our YTYP customization you can do any of that


  • For the First time ever fully worked and custom made audio occlusions (see above this post)
  • Unique Warehouse space with executive level office space
  • Super Optimized MLO with a file size of only 11MB

Location: Elysian Island (City Docks)

Video: Post Op Depot | MLO Showcase | FiveM Custom Warehouse

Buy Here: TEBEX STORE ($38 USD Excluding Tax)


Code is accessible N/A
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) N/A
Requirements Game Build 2372 or Greater
Support Yes

Looks very cool, maybe the price is a bit steep considering that its just a warehouse and which is also locked.

But I will most definitely be buying this in the future!


This look so good I am defflinty Going to pay for this so I can use it on my server!

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nice work dude


Wow Looks soo good! :clap: