[PAID] [MLO] Perrera Beach Motel Interior



Price: €35.00 +VAT
Tebex Store


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Nice work! I like it!

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Quick question, do you provide the list of door hashes and coordinates with your maps?

If you really need this i can add this bit later.

I just added coordinates, door hashes and headings, so you will recive it on email after purchase.

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Sweet! I always have a hard time with doors and I’m most likely going to be getting this one along with other of your motel interiors to use as hotels!

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Hope you like it! Right now there is no door coords text file for my other works, but i hope i add them soon, if not, you can contact me and i will help you with this

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I installed your maap but it does not work on my server are there resources that would be missing? Thank you for your reply.

Hey, read a FAQ on my front page at tebex. You will probably find there answers. First of all i would recomend you to update your server build to 4760 or above to avoid any crashes. This could be a case why it’s not working.

And make sure that you are using the right licenseKey on your server.