[PAID] [MLO] Legion Square

Los Santos just renewed the Legion Square, take a better look at it bellow, hopefully you guys like it.


More Screenshots Click Here

Price: €30 + Tebex Fees
You can purchase this MLO at any time at: Blaze Developments


  • BurgerKing

  • Well placed

  • Custom Props

  • Custom Lighting

  • All Textures are accessible through the .ytd file

  • Optimized Interior And Exterior


Feel free to give me suggestions and a feedback on it :slight_smile:

Code is accessible YTD,YMAP,YTYP,YMT
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) N/A
Requirements Gamebuild 2699
Support Yes

I like it :+1:

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thank you!

Can you add some more friendly business and logo instead of real world brand?

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able to switch the normal default, to spec on the burger king and the stage part

looks good. yeah make lore friendly with burger shot and panics. but why you forget the two roads edit. there going to nothing :smiley:

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This is amazing I had to buy it! :smile:

There is some bugs with when your around the map props and chunks of the world dissapear and glitch

u have a ymap that’s conflicting with it

he prob had his hands full , editing legion park is no easy task. All the legion files are huge city blocks. The amount of work he put into this one location is equivalent to making 6 mlos honestly. Im sure he will get around to it tho.

thank u for your understanding!

supposedly those files for the roads are edited, but idk FiveM is bugged asf in terms of maps…