[PAID] [MLO] Dirty Angels Nightclub


Dirty Angels Nightclub

A Brand new nightclub has arrived and located at Vinewood for the best party for you and your friends! Decorate your city with a new nightclub, where your friends can drink a glass of wine or a strong vodka, dance till the sun goes out!!


  • Very well optimized textures and interior
  • Interior by MLO
  • Lobby
  • Huge dance hall
  • Multiple VIP Areas
  • Custom DJ Deck
  • More than 10 custom props
  • Neon Lights
  • Made with great care and good mood

PREVIEW VIDEO Jack’s Dirty Angels Club
Purchase: Tebex Store (19,99€ + VAT)

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looks amazing

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Thanks for your kind words! @SaltySea

Thank you for this awesome mod!

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Hello I tried to buy the map, but it costs € 36.59 instead of € 29.99.

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This happend cause the tebex tax. @Loupass69

ciao scusa mi puoi rispondere al ticket sul tuo server di gta rp

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Done , sorry for the delay, different timezone.

(post deleted by author)