[PAID] [MLO] Davis Gang V2

[MLO] Davis Gang V2

They called in a team of workers, tore down the roof and built a full second floor. Now this place can be called a full-fledged gang warehouse, with a working and living area. The gang cover came to mind in the final stage of production - T-Shirt Print (but you can change the name). All the images you see on the walls are replaceable.

VIDEO - [MLO] Davis Gang V2 - YouTube
IMAGES - Imgur: The magic of the Internet
TEBEX [Price 24.99USD] - https://greencome-mapping.tebex.io/package/5307155

What we have: -Partially modified interior (added a full second floor) -Added stairs that lead to the balcony.

-The entrance (legal cover) is a small hallway that resembles a store
-Garage, corridor
-Wall in the form of a container is the entrance to the basement
-Lift to the second floor.

-Storage + closed storage;
-Plan place;

The second floor tried to make the most atmospheric.
-Self-created seat places;
-Broken wall;
-Made a view of the laying of the baseboard;
-Effect of lack of brick, etc.

Two living rooms:
-A room with sofa and large TV + wardrobe;
-A room with beds and a mining farm.

Technical Info:
Package Size - 32mb
All textures are replaceable - placed in .ytd libraries
Gamebuild 2372+

Code is accessible Yes/No
Subscription-based Yes/No
Lines (approximately) N/A
Requirements Gamebuild 2372+
Support Yes/No