[PAID] [MLO] Café Corretto

Café Corretto

I Present to you “Café Coretto” an Italian Restaurant and Bar, the building is located by Vespucci beach, an old 1930’s building that has been refreshed into an elegant and sleek Italian Restaurant while the private rooms upstairs keep their heritage with a cage elevator and many rooms that could suit any Italian restaurant owner with a shady side.

  • 18 Rooms in total including a secret room
  • High end restaurant and upstairs private bar
  • Well made custom props including restaurant tables & casino table set
  • And Much much more…

Location: Vespucci

Video: Café Coretto Showcase | FiveM MLO | Italian Restaurant - YouTube

Purchase: TEBEX STORE ($54 USD)



Really amazing work here, worth every dollar. One of the highest quality MLOs on the market with amazing optimization and custom work done.

Amazing work!

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Did not review rules

Cant buy it but… IT’S AMAZING!!!


Is there an issue with the purchase link? and thank you very much!!

Nope its all fine, we’re just some broke dudes :rofl: But awsome work, honestly love it :smiley:

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Very beautiful




Looks very high quality. Can’t wait to see more exceptional interiors you create!

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Can you unencrypt the YMAP placement and YTYP to make audio occlusions? Because if not this interior is basically useless as every floor being stacked on each other makes for a clusterf***k of audio. That and can we get a shading pass like your other MLOs?

Is this compatable with QB core?