[PAID] MBL Fivem Squad Script for PVP Servers (Turn On/Off Saving To Database)


Hey everyone!

I’m releasing My Squad script for PVP Servers.

Main Features

  • Supporting All SQL Types (JSON Included)
  • Supporting QBCore & ESX Framework

Features V1.0
• Players can create squads. (You can edit the maximum number of people that can participate via the config.)
• Toggle whether players in the squad can harm each other.
• Squad owner can edit whether the squad will be public or private.
• A Squad member can see other Squad Members’ health and armor information on their head and on the top left panel.
• Squad Members’ blip, Health and armor information on their head, and top left panel can be deactivate/activate.
• A Squad member can see the blip of other Squad members. (Working with onesync_legacy and onesync_infinity)
• Squad owner can be transfer the squad to other person.
• Squad owner can kick and ban the other Squad members.
• It is optionally saved in the database and your squad will continue even if the server is turned off and on.

Purchase Links
Open Source Buy Squad Script FOR PVP TEBEX

Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 1000+
Requirements None
Support Yes

is it working with onesync infinity ?

Working with all one sync Types

nice design!


Thanks a lot :partying_face:

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Done. Check the image path

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Can you contact via discord? You can see my discord info on my tebex acc.

New Features
Fixed Add leader function and some invites problems.
Fixed code errors.
Fixed issues that occurred when reconnecting to the game.
Updated files on keymaster.

link is dead

Is this no longer a thing?