[Paid] [Mapping] Legion Square Park

Legion Square Park

A new Legion Square Park for your city !
It would be a plus for your city.

In Mapping:

  • Restaurant
  • Chichaclub
  • Swimming Pool
  • Lion statue
  • Romantic Place
  • Japanese style path
  • Small lakes
  • And more

On Map :

On Legion Square

Video Trailer:

[MLO] Preview - Legion Square Park [GTA V/FiveM] - YouTube

Screenshots :


My work :

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[MLO] Yacht Club
[MLO - IPL’s] Sunset Arcade - Pack (2 Designs)
[MLO] Pack of 2 Tattoos Shops
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Tebex :

Tebex (60.00€ with TAX)


Why have you got MLO in the title when it’s not an MLO? Also that price, you’ve got to be kidding yourself, at least fix those broken collisions from the beginning of the video.

the collision problems are with the old version of Natural vision Evolved, now it’s good and for the “MLO” yes I understand

it is very good to sell private maps. give a lot of confidence to your clients (note the irony)

60 Euro :cold_face: :cold_face: :cold_face:

Yes ?

1st off the MLO makes 0 sense, second u have clear collision issues, 3rd your FPS is 25 FPS, 4th I don’t get why people who create map’s feel the need to price them so high. Sure if u r a very reputable seller but even they don’t charge that instead they charge half. I don’t get why I needed to explain this to you.

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collision = old version of NVE, 25 fps because a have a bad computer my friends have 90-100fps :wink:

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And its 3 month for this

I think if it was UncleJust, Denis3D, Gabz selling this map for 1000 euros, nobody would say anything, but just because the friend created it, people complain about 60 euros. no one sees how difficult it was to create the map, or the time spent, they only know how to complain about the price and don’t see what happened behind the map to be made.

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Thx man !

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