[PAID] [MAP] Alamo Salt Flats & Sandy Shores Remastered

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Authors: ONX, CanisterDog, Ajee, BarnabyJones

The Alamo sea has dried up! Change up the gameplay on your own FiveM GTA V server with custom salt flats, a sandbox for chases, race wars or festivals with our modular festival props included to create your own structures!

This is a subscription add-on pack with two resources for the salt flats and sandy shores revamp that can run independently.

Also included is a full remaster of Sandy Shores to provide a new look and real estate with seamless interiors to customize as you see fit. Included are compatibility options for MLOs from other creators in popular spots.

Some of the sea remains with a lower water level on the west side connecting the Zancudo River and Cassidy Trail.

Code is accessible N/A
Subscription-based Yes
Lines (approximately) N/A
Requirements N/A
Support Yes

Looks nice, looking forward to a non-subscription version otherwise it’s a pass.


I Think you forgot to provide a Tebex link

Agreed im keen if it’s non sub, otherwise no thanks, this is the same people who have the ped face sub who never reply to anyone.


Releasing standalone non sub is something we’re considering. We will likely provide stand alone once we have added a few more maps to our store.


Good mapping, but I refuse to keep paying subscriptions for a single content without updates that bring more stuff. I would buy what you have in the store only if it was a one time fee :confused:


no more subscriptions, thank you

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Same tbh. No more one map subs… and is it possible to remove the salt flats and just have the remaster

Throw all your assets into one sub, ez pz. I’d sub to that.

Hi, only sub version for now ?

did u not learn from last time?? no one wants a subscription… its not rocket science just make it a one time payment

cool maping, but subscription…

non-subscription version , please