[ PAID ] Lapizh Visuals v1.2 ( 3$ )

[ RELEASE ] Lapizh Visuals

Version 1.2 of Lapizh Visuals Includes:

  • Advanced Water Graphics
  • Breathtaking Visuals
  • Low & High-end PC optimized
  • Reflections like ( Ray tracing )
  • Enhanced Lighting
  • Amazing Night & Daytime
  • FPS Boosting ( some cases )

Changelog :

  • Added volumetric clouds
  • Better textures
  • Higher fps boost

This was created for 3$ by Lapizh, it is a FiveM local graphics pack that gives a breathtaking experience to the FiveM community.


Images taken on GTX 1050

NOTE: Open IV is NOT needed for installation.


Download upon Purchase !



Right click on FiveM press open file location then > fivem application data > citizen > common > data .

Drag and drop all files into < data >, and replace files if asked.

Launch FiveM and Enjoy <33

| Code is accessible | No |
| Subscription-based | No |
| Lines (approximately) | N/A
| Requirements | FiveM |
| Support | Yes |

Hi, maybe you have a Preview Video? :slight_smile: The Night graphics would be interesting

Judt curious whats the point of even charging 3 dollars for this? Doesn’t the taxes and fees make it so that you make like nothing from it? Really just curious

We actually make a lot from it , plus were here to help the community unlike other graphic packs who charge an excessive amount .

Will upload when home .

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Not gonna lie the photos you provided have made me avoid purchasing these graphics and yes everyone is gonna be like “well go find another one” thats not what im tryna say here. If you take the photos and upload and export in a higher quality they will look much better. I wouldn’t pay a dollar for these with the sample photos you provided. For example these are what my graphics look like

Put more effort into the sample photos and sales will go booooom

good work tho I guess


Hi there sir ,these images aren’t edited or exported in higher quality there straight screenshots :slight_smile:

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Explains why they look like every 100kordie kids graphics

Sir as you can see these are not edited just cropped

I must say tho the water looks nice

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I never said anything about editing the photos or cropping tho?

did you say exporting in higher quality?

Looks good. :clap:

thanks boss


Says in description but it’s sacrp1

i want to extract but need password… what are the password

Hey sir it’s sacrp2

OP request