[PAID] KCAZ Priority - A Dynamic Priority Sytstem

:star2: Introducing Our Dynamic Priority Status Script for FiveM Roleplaying Servers :star2:

Greetings, roleplay enthusiasts!

We’re thrilled to present a dynamic priority status script specially designed by ZachyFoxx for Harborview Roleplay. This ground-breaking script is tailored to handle priority status in multiple locations, keeping you fully engaged in the captivating world of roleplay.

Here’s a snapshot of what our state-of-the-art script brings to the table:

:pushpin: Key Features

  1. Multiple Location Support: Keep your gameplay diverse and exciting with priority status in multiple configurable locations.

  2. Priority Status Management: Play around with four different priority statuses: open, hold, taken, or cooldown.

  3. Player Attribution: Who took the priority? Our script keeps track!

  4. Cooldown Management: Take a break! Our script automatically initiates a cooldown timer post priority.

  5. Admin Commands: Gain complete control over priority statuses with commands like /prioreset, and /priohold.

  6. HUD Display: Stay updated with real-time priority statuses, player names, and cooldowns on your HUD.

:hammer_and_wrench: Configuration

Tailor the script to your preference with our config.lua file. Define your locations, timers, cooldown times, and HUD text. Here’s a brief overview of what you can control:

  • priority.places: Predefine your adventure locations with individual names, timers, and cooldown times.

  • text: Customise your HUD messages format.

  • posX and posY: Decide where on the HUD your text is displayed.

  • scale: Adjust the space between layers to control text positioning on the screen.

:arrow_double_down: Installation

  1. Download the resource, ensuring the folder is named kcaz_priority.

  2. Place the script folder into your server’s resource directory.

  3. Insert the line ensure kcaz_priority into your server configuration file.

  4. Fine-tune the config.lua file to your liking.

:video_game: Usage

Interact with our script using the defined commands in your server’s chat:

  • /prio [location]: Kick-start a priority at your location of choice.

  • /prioreset [location]: Reset the priority status at a specific location (Ace permission: kcaz_prio.reset).

  • /prioend [location]: End the current priority at a chosen location. Only the priority holder can execute this.

  • /priohold [location]: Toggle the hold status of the priority at your selected location (Ace permission: kcaz_prio.hold).

Remember, [location] should be replaced by the id of the location as defined in the config.lua file.

:moneybag: Get Yours Today!

Take your roleplaying server to the next level with our innovative script. Grab yours today and immerse yourself in a seamless, interactive roleplaying experience! Purchase on the Harborview Store Page

Happy roleplaying! :tada:

Need Support? We’re here to help!

If you have questions, concerns, or bug reports, do not hesitate to join our Discord and open a ticket! We are always happy to help.

Code is accessible | Yes
Subscription-based | No
Lines (approximately) | ~220
Requirements | Standalone
Support | Yes
Uses FiveM Asset Escrow

can we get some previews of the script?