[PAID] [JOBS] 3x Restaurant Pack (Noodle, Japanese & Italian)

Hello! It’s been quite a long time since I’ve posted something on the forums and have since delved off to work on many other things. I have previously posted and released two separate restaurant scripts, a Japanese one and an Italian one, now I would like to release another one to round them off completely and sell them as a full pack rather than simply separately.

  • Like before the mapping will not be provided with the download, the places where you can get them however will obviously be linked.

  • All of the Jobs have been completely revamped based from the issues brought up from customer feedback!

  • All of the 3 resources come packed within one .rar and are simply drag & drops to install, in the case that you do need support however, there is a discord link provided on the Tebex Page.


  • The three restaurants that are in this pack include an Italian Restaurant, a Japanese Restaurant and a Noodle Exchange

  • Like described before all jobs come with a boss menu, numerous interactable things to do utilizing bt-target and more

  • Diverse range of food items, including stereotypical Italian dishes, traditional Japanese cuisine & a wide range of Noodle related food items.

  • A Cash Register, including a nice and simple NUI created by Kallocks, combinable meals and different variations, all esx_basicneeds registers etc. can be found in the respective scripts attached readme.txt files.


Japanese Video Preview
Italian Video Preview
Noodle Preview unavailable currently


es_extended (ESX)



mythic_notify- Notifications can easily be changed

All the mappings linked, directly to the original creators on the Tebex page.


You can get the script here: Tebex
Upon purchase you should be e-mailed a download link

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Tebex link doesn’t work

Thanks for the info. Link has been updated.

who made your MLOs?

The Italian mapping is free, the japanese one was created by fluorine and the Noodle Exchange was made by the all4map team. All of them are linked on the tebex page, so you can download/purchase them.

buddy, what does this phrase mean: “The mapping is not provided in the download, can be however given on discord after purchase”? after the purchase, do you give people the interior in private messages?

if this post is just for Jobs for the MLO’s it might be a good idea to edit your title…just sayin

I don’t provide mapping at all, most people don’t even join my discord after purchase. Reason I say you can get the mapping is because I can link you directly to them as I am apart of the respective discords. I’ll change the information now and my title. Thanks!

Also, it’s not like you sell your mappings outside of Tebex, privately through discord, which I am certain is against TOS. Otherwise I would have it linked like the other ones :smiley: