[PAID] Jailbreak x Escape Tunnel

Jailbreak script with escape tunnel map for role-play servers.

Important Information

This script may not work integrated with your jail system. We will help everyone who bought the script.




  • Includes script and map.
  • Full optimized
  • Easy configuration
  • Supports QB & ESX
  • Easy configuration
  • You can translate any language you want via config.
  • Supports One Sync and One Sync Infinity


Tebex (25$ + Tax)
SH Pack All-in-one (Monthly 15$)
Youtube Preview
Other Scripts

This script uses FiveM Escrow System.
Escape tunnel map fully encrypted. 2 files are encrypted in script-side, and it contains functions that you don’t need to edit.


Escape tunnel created by @quadria.

Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) +650
Requirements No
Support Yes

Is this set up to work with any jail scripts out the box?

You can use it with qb-prison, but if you want to use it with other jail solutions you need to configure editable files.

way to expensive, would pay 15 eur.

Hello, the reason why the price of the script is at this level is that we provide a map together with the script and we provide instant support to our customers.

Price updated.