Paid In Full 2.0 ! (New server/Updated base)

If you’re looking for a serious RP home, we have everything you need! Player owned everything, Mature community, Thousands of cars, Premium clothes you won’t find in any other server, Chains and Shoes as items, Drugs, Gangs, Different types of heists, clean players and Dirty players both have several ways of making money! we have fast food restaurants, mechanic shops, weed dispensaries all player owned and if there’s any ideas you would like to bring in were all about community! Plenty of activities like tennis, and pool! Joint the discord and make a ticket for any questions or help you need! Discord

Its my home server jayoh you banned me in didnt even listen to my side of the story i never once did anything wrong nobody said they was clean or anything then my friend killed me i never killed anyone im so confused because i got love for yall donate to yall and i get kicked for no reason nor couldnt even speak my part.