[PAID] GHOSTXI's Sandy Bridge V3

This is a whole new bridge release, a much more modern bridge going from Sandy Shores to Grapeseed, Included is AI traffic on both directions of the bridge, with 2 tower cranes, and an active construction sight there is more to be able to do for RP!

This bridge is a great addition to Sandy and Grapeseed, allowing faster travel times! This bridge is a more modern bridge with 2 lane traffic, 3 vehicle turn around points along with nice blue accent lighting!

All assets including for streaming this map!

This map is FiveM ready drag and drop!

This is a paid map to purchase please visit - Price - $10.00 usd

| Code is accessible | N/A |
| Subscription-based | NO |
| Lines (approximately) | N/A |
| Requirements | Included |
| Support | YES |

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In my opinion, the textures look too contrasting with the other roads around. While they don’t have to be the same colour, going from little grey roads to the black tarmac is a noticeable jump.

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Yeah i could see that, we have the road re-texture in ours so it blends pretty well. But ill keep note of that.

Its hard to always ensure of the texture match but practice makes perfect!

I saw your first bridge that was mostly ymapping and looked kind of janky. To be browsing Releases and to see you’re now modeling/rendering objects… Great job at learning new skills and improving. Keep it up.