[PAID] GEN Loading Screen (5 Color Themed)(Player Music Editable)



  • Hello everyone, today we made a 5 Color Themed Modern Loading Screen script for you.
  • The script is compatible STANDALONE(ALL FRAMEWORKS)


  • All Features Configurable
  • Rules, Team, Announce, Information, Social features
  • Easy Installation
  • Responsive Design
  • Player can switch Music URL (Permanent)
  • Yellow, Blue, Aqua, Purple, Red Theme



Escrow Version | 9.00€ + TAX
Open Source Version | 17.00€ + TAX

Code Accessible There are Escrow and Source Code versions.
Subscription Based No
Lines (Approximately) 670
Requirements No
Support Yes

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Beyond Wonderful

Looks Nice few questions.

  • Is the background only image based or can you uses Gif//Video//Image
  • Can you scroll up and down thru the rule list?

Other than that Keep it up!!

Thank you,

1: Any youtube video can be placed in the background. If the player wishes, they can close the video and access the background image from the buttons in the upper middle section.

You can update this image in assets files.

2: You can add as much content as you want to the Team, Rules, Announcements, Server Gallery sections. Scrolling is possible.


Amazing scripts

good project, i bought this yesterday.

the design is very nice I like it :star_struck:

preview gif, documentation url added :rocket:

30% discount with the code β€œGEN30”

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Beautiful Design :partying_face:

thanks <3