[PAID] [ESX] Sport Betting System


  • Can create match
  • Delete match
  • Start match
  • End match
  • Creating custom Quota



  • NUI: NUI is open source
  • Built On: Every ESX, ESX 1.1, 1.2, Legacy
  • Type: Escrow FiveM Encyption

:shopping_cart: Purchase via Tebex
:shopping_cart: Purchase Open Source via Tebex
:camera: Script Preview

Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 570+
Requirements esx_addonaccount; esx_society
Support Yes

Good job

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never seen something like this, cool looking script!

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Thank You brother

Thank You bro <3

good idea and good job

Thank You :smiley:

Got inspired by us?


No, with due respect i don’t even know who you are, this is idea inspired by TS-Dev Team :smiley:


Can you set the odds when you create a match?

FiveM Betting System - YouTube :smiley:

Nice script

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The system behind it is good but not right. The design looks like it was made by a 12 year old. Maybe you are just learning how to do this. I would recommend you to look for someone who makes 1A designs and can help you in many more. I also doubt that the whole thing is performant. Do you have a performance test for it? I have seen that of NKN and directly fetched, I must honestly say, it is really Performant and well suited for servers that go from 30+ players upwards. Not everyone gets something like that. Had to decide between your and their, have decided for their and regret nothing

What do you mean it’s not right?