[PAID] [ESX] spoodyHousing

spoodyHousing | Advanced all-in-one FiveM housing resource


spoodyHousing is an advanced all-in-one housing resource, with over 605+ preconfigured homes, 900+ preconfigured camera locations, built in real estate system, burglary system, state of the art “Ding” (Ring) replicated doorbell camera, and tons of more features!



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  • Modern and Updated
  • Shell Based Housing
  • Configurable Furniture, Shells, Cameras, and more!
  • Furniture Store & System Included
  • 600+ Preconfigured Homes, Polyzones & Security Cameras
  • 300+ Preconfigured Furniture Options
  • Extremely Optimized & Profiled Test
  • Ring Inspired Doorbell Camera System
  • Storage Support (Store weapons, items, guns, and money!) (Works for any inventory!)
  • Guests, Doorlocks & Residential Player System
  • Interactable Furniture (Sit, Sleep, Bongs, Lighting)
  • Police Interactable (Breach Homes)
  • Advanced Realtor Job Included (Create any real estate agency, and compete with the market)
  • Locales Supported (Changeable Languages)
  • Burglary System built in
  • Extremely configurable
  • Admin Commands included


spoodyHousing beta was tested in 2 servers with over 150+ players, it has been profiled tested on both, and resulted in extremely low memory usage, and fast response times.


spoodyHousing is engineered to be anti-exploitable, all events are hidden & protected, meaning cheaters cannot find or manipulate events, there is also over 10+ important background checks that prevents exploits such as Duping & More.

Download ($49.99)

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24/7 Support Included


ESX 1.1 or Legacy (QB/QBX Version in development)
Ox Lib
K4MBI Free Housing Shells (Optional)


In House Interaction

Doorbell Camera System

Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 6503 (10,050 In Config)
Requirements Ox Lib, ESX
Support Yes