[PAID][ESX] Real Gas Stations Management + Fueler Job

Real Gas Stations Management + Fueler Job



Hello everyone,

Here is a script that allows you to manage the amount of fuel in gas stations as well as the fueler job. My biggest project so far :slight_smile:

Enjoy !


  • Fuel harvest run and transformation into fuel : The script will randomly send you north or south to collect oil. If you harvest in the north, he will then send you to process it in the south and vice versa

North harvest positions:


South harvest positions:


  • Fill/empty your truck in depots : When you have transformed the oil into petrol, you can store it in a depot

  • See the fuel in your tanks : You have an option in the menu to see what your tank contains

  • Fill petrol stations : You have an option in the menu that displays a list of all gas stations and the quantity available. You can then choose to fill them


  • Add new gas pumps (there must be a prop in game) : You have an option in the menu that allows you to add new gas stations

  • Delete gas pumps

  • Buy new depots with the possibility of improving them : You can add position and price of new depots to buy in game


  • Webhook for Discord for harvest oil and filling station : keep an eye on what players are doing thanks to the webhook


  • Generate automatically blips for all petrol station : when you add a gas station, a blip is automatically generated the next time the player logs in

  • Highly customizable config file

  • Low resmon : a table on the server side is incremented and decremented to avoid too many database calls. Works perfectly on a 300+ players server


  • Es_extended

  • ProgressBar is optionnal but you can use it by the config.lua File and download it here : GitHub - EthanPeacock/progressBars

  • esx_addonaccount not really mandatory, 3 lines of code to change (193, 270, 297 on server.lua). For adding/removing society money

Please note, the script that decreases gasoline when a car is running is not included

Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) ~1500
Requirements es_extended, progressbar (optionnal), esx_addonaccount
Support Yes

Tebex : Real Gas Stations Management + Fueler Job

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Hello ! your script is not compatible with other fuel script ? cause i really like legacyfuel system.

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Hey :slight_smile: Yes if it’s only used to reduce the amount of fuel in the car, yes it’s compatible

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Thanks !
I’m saving your work for later ^^

Have a nice Day !

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Is this compatible with https://tox-scripts.tebex.io/package/4829274

Sorry for the delay, I wasn’t at home this weekend. If you know how to code a little and their script is not encrypted, yes it is surely adaptable :slight_smile:

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i buy it for sure… if all export is working with legacy ^^

we can contact you for any problem with this script ? like compatibility for legacy ?

Hello :slight_smile: Yes you can contact me if you have any problem. Yes normally it’s compatible with ESX Legacy