[PAID][ESX] QT-HUD ( Clean UI + Custom )

  • Show full information
  • Clean UI
  • Support installation (setup)
  • ESX . platform support
  • Script has been Vietnameseized and fully fixed 100%
  • Fix Full 100%
  • Optimize Code

Buy Here : Tebex.io

Demo :

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Inspired by Osmiums HUD? xd

I’m not sure because I really don’t know Osmiums HUD, I just edited it to my liking and found it convenient :smiley:

Doesn´t that look almost the same :laughing:

So we must have the same idea haha

Soon free :)

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thats litterly core logo hud even i made one lol not the best but if i can do anyone can do lol

Thats True

its not osmiums HUD, its literally inspired from Grand RP which is kind of the biggest semi roleplay server in the world


In Game Works perfectly

waiting for your post lol

It will be soon, wait for it

The post is already uploaded, waiting for Cfx.re to approve it.

where i can get this hud

How do you get that HUD and is it QBCore?