[PAID][ESX] Daily Gifts 2022


  • Easily edit the gift
  • Can be configured into item , weapon , money , dirty money …v…v.v
  • Clean UI
  • Support installation (setup)
  • ESX . platform support
  • Script has been Vietnameseized and fully fixed 100%
  • Fix Full 100%
  • Optimize Code

Buy Here : Daily Gifts 2022

Demo :

Another Script
Farmer Simulator 2021


Stolen script

no i just edit that

Stolen script. it come form scotty-coding just change CSS
P/s: this one already trying to sell stolen script before [PAID][ESX] Farmer Simulator 2021 - FiveM Resource Development & Modding / Releases - Cfx.re Community i dont know why this man still try do the same :slight_smile:

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Wondering if it is allowed to make ‘free’ versions of all the scripts that are added here as paid scripts ?
Like you can buy Microsoft office or use the free LibreOffice kind of think…