[PAID][ESX/QBCORE] yupDrugs - Your drugs manager all-in-one

yupDrugs - Your drugs manager all-in-one


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  • Manage harvest points (create, update, delete)
  • Manage processing points with multiple items to process
  • Manage selling points with multiple items and their respective prices
  • Manage drug effects with ease
  • Compatibility with both ESX and QBCore
  • Great config file where you can configure almost anything

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yupScripts Team

Code is accessible No/Partial
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) ± 800
Requirements es_extended/qb-core, ox_lib, oxmysql
Support Yes
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List of updates in the near future

  • Support for major inventories (DONE)

  • Support for eye target

  • Support for drug fields

  • Support for NPC selling (includes corner selling)

Any update on this getting support for more inventories? Seems like a good script but My server doesn’t use qb-inventory

Hi Chuff! First of all, thanks for buying my script. Can you please provide your inventory name? I will be making it compatible asap :slight_smile: And feel free to report any bugs and/or improvements that you would like to see :slight_smile:

I use lj-inventory . Appreciate the fast response. Hope to see more people buy the script in the future because it is a huge time saver.

Hello Chuff! I’ve updated the resource as you asked, now you have full compatibility through the OX / QB / PS / LJ inventories :slight_smile: If you find any bug please tell me, and sorry for taking a little longer to update the resource! Don’t forget to configure on config.lua your inventory! Hope you enjoy it!

Thank you so much!! I’ll be sure to report any bugs I find

still dosnt seem to work with lj, not showing up any console errors. But the items are not put in my inventory.

DM please