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The Ultimate Admin Panel (UAP) for FiveM is a powerful tool that allows FiveM server administrators to efficiently manage their servers and players in-game. With a simple and user-friendly interface, this tool provides real-time management of online and offline players, bans, and reports.

Configurable at the permission level, it allows server owners to customize roles and permissions for different administrators. The UAP is fully integrated into the game, allowing administrators to manage their server and community directly from the game.

What sets the Ultimate Admin Panel apart is its compatibility with popular frameworks like ESX and QBCore. Whether your server is running ESX or QBCore, our panel seamlessly integrates with these frameworks, providing a tailored experience for administrators. This compatibility ensures that you can make the most of your server management tools while enjoying the benefits of ESX or QBCore.

The Ultimate Admin Panel for FiveM is an essential tool for simplifying server management, and its compatibility with ESX and QBCore makes it the ideal choice for server owners looking to streamline their FiveM server management directly in-game.

How it works

  • Manage admin actions (display coordinates or names, noclip, announcements, spawn cars with a color selector…) and view online staff.
  • Manage online and offline players (player actions: messaging, kicking, banning, freezing, warning…), change jobs and money, add admin-only notes on a player.
  • Manage player reports with a user-friendly interface (client and admin side) and a real-time chat.
  • Manage player bans (view all bans, unban players…).
  • All data is synchronized in real-time.
  • Set your admin status to on-duty or off-duty.
  • The system is ready to use with ESX & QB-Core.
  • A lot of statistics (distribution of player’s jobs, staff list, average report resolution time…)




  • Define the keyboard keys to open the admin menu and report menu.
  • Define the permissions per rank.
  • Define the default language.
  • Turn multichar compatibility off or on.
  • Default car plate/model
  • Discord logs
  • Command names


  • es_extended (1.4 ≥) or qb-core (1.2.0 ≥)
  • oxmysql
Code is accessible Config & Notification wrapper only accessible
Subscription-based Life & sub
Lines (approximately) 7000
Requirements es_extended / qb-core, oxmysql
Support Yes

it looks very smooth and nice !


Hello! Before asking you something, I want to congratulate you on your admin script. I’m writing this message to ask if you can make some small modifications to your excellent admin script:

  • Add the ‘/dv’ command to delete vehicles.
  • Have the ability to separate logs and have more detailed logs.
  • Add a jail system that directly adds a note to the player stating that they have already been jailed, with a subsequent jail history.
  • Add a Freecam system.
  • Be able to choose between vector3 and vector4.
  • Add a delete laser to delete a prop or copy a prop.
  • Add the ability to have player blips, with a corresponding command.
  • Have more in-depth information about the player:
    • Discord ID, group, first connection to the server, Discord registration date, whether they are in an instance or not, whether the mouse cursor is out of the window, time since the last key press, playtime on the server, seniority, FiveM license, and Steam details.
  • Add the ability to teleport into the player’s vehicle.
  • Add a live screen streaming system in the top right corner of the page. (This opens a window with the player’s live game capture).
  • Have the ability to clean the vehicle.
  • Be able to change the player’s position (Offline).
  • Take screenshots of the player with a screenshot history system.
  • Have a choice of noclip: Simple or Advanced.
  • Open the skin menu for the player.
  • Have a history of kicks and jails.
  • Manage time: hour and weather. (Compatibility with cd_easytime)
  • Have a chat with all staff members.
  • Flip a vehicle (flipcar).
  • Find the owner of a vehicle.
  • View and modify a player’s inventory when the player is offline. (qs-inventory).
  • Change the vehicle color and license plate (with permissions).
  • Have the ability to use DelGun (with permissions).
  • Have a higher range of names.
  • See the list of the player’s vehicles and be able to delete them or make modifications. (Compatible with okokGarage and qs-advancedgarages).
  • Wipe a player (Configurable in the config or another ignore_escrow file).
  • Refuel a vehicle.

I want to emphasize that all these modification requests are entirely optional! This means that you can choose to consider only some of these ideas. Thanks again. Hoping for a response. Best regards.

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Hello @ARUKA1,

Thank you for your reply. Your message is filled with fantastic ideas! While some of them have already been suggested by other customers, such as the admin chat, you’re absolutely correct—there are some missing elements. Consequently, we’ve included a few of your suggestions in our roadmap, and they will be featured in our future updates.

Once again, I appreciate your time and the valuable suggestions you’ve shared!

Best regards,

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Hello @nekr0w

I sincerely thank you for your encouraging response! It’s great to know that some of my suggestions have been taken into account and incorporated into your roadmap for future updates. It is a real pleasure to contribute to the improvement of your magnificent Admin Panel.

I remain enthusiastic about the developments to come and I am convinced that your team will be able to make significant improvements. If you need more details or additional ideas in the future, please don’t hesitate to ask me.

I would like to express my gratitude for your time and commitment to continuous improvement.

Best regards,

Hello @ARUKA1,

We sincerely appreciate your kind words and continued support for our Admin Panel. Your feedback and suggestions are invaluable to us, and we’re thrilled to know that you’ve seen some of your ideas come to life in our recent updates (admin chat, discord & steam details, like showcased in the image below, using their avatar). It’s our pleasure to have users like you who actively contribute to the enhancement of our Admin Panel.

We’re fully committed to delivering significant improvements, and we’re currently focused on a major performance optimization that will be released in the next few days. This optimization requires substantial rework, which is why it’s taking some time to complete.

Looking ahead, we have exciting plans for future updates. Version 1.7.0 will introduce features like a jail system and an advanced log system, allowing developers to integrate and enhance the Admin Panel with their data. Following that, car management features are planned for version 1.8.0, which will include some of the functionalities you’ve mentioned.

Starting today, we will also begin publishing changelogs on this forum topic to keep you and our community updated on the latest developments.

Once again, thank you for your innovative ideas and your role in driving this project forward. We’re excited about what the future holds and are committed to providing you with the best tools for FiveM server administration.

If you ever have more details or additional ideas to share, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Your input is highly valued.

Best regards,

RedCorp Studio Support Team


Hello ! @nekr0w

I’m really happy that my ideas are starting to appear little by little!
I look forward to the next updates!

Please know that I will not hesitate to send my requests in the future.
Thank you again for the energy you put into this script.
I wish you a great day and good luck.

Best Regards,

Good morning ! @nekr0w
Do you have any idea when the next update will be released? I thank you in advance.
Bests Regards,

Good morning,
I am contacting you to report an error, I don’t know if you could help me.
The script spams errors in the console. Here is the error:

I thank you in advance !
Bests Regards,