[PAID] [ESX/QB] sync_adminmenu | Advanced admin menu

Description :memo:

Hey fellow server owners/admins, today I will represent you my advanced admin system, it has really useful options and features as presented in the demo videoˇˇ

Demo video (SOON)

Download 2 dependencies that are not included in the script and put the admin menu in that folder, server.cfg:
ensure [sync_adminmenu]

Features :sparkles:

  • 2 languages (ENG and HR)
  • You can add your own languages
  • See all active players on the server and their info
  • Ban/Unban players (bans.json - accessible)
  • Optimized code
  • Set vehicles in players’ garages, spawn, delete, customize, change plates on their vehicles
  • Change players information (Name, phone number, job, group, money)
  • Standard player options (kill, revive, heal, see players’ inventory, bring, bring back, go, go back, ban, kick)
  • See discord username from every player (It doesn’t need any bots, tokens or such… It uses a public API - api.discord.name)
  • Spawn vehicles for players, theirs or just temporary vehicles
  • Kick all players, kick only non-admin players
  • Store all player vehicles that are not occupied and delete any blacklisted objects
  • See names and ids of players above their heads (tag system)
  • Open skin menu for you or open it to other players
  • Change phone numbers or players’ name
  • Send individual notifications/messages to other players
  • And many more

Tebex :money_with_wings:

Much more features and abilities on the way

Code is accessible No (Only config, but highly configurable and ban list file)
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 2500
Requirements es_extended, esx_vehicleshop, oxmysql
Support Yes

Script uses 2 free online scripts (personal-customized guille_contextmenu and nh_dialog)
No need to download them, everything is already packed in the package

(*Script uses many functions, some functions are accessible in config file so you can edit them to your likings (such as sql queries or other things) *)
(There are a lot of options in the config file, but please do not buy this script if you don’t have a minimum amount of knowledge about coding, I tried to explain everything in the shortest way possible)

Respect, gg

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cool script mate!

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vrh jarane

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Hi, soo there is a glitch when you want to spawn your owned veh, I am fixing it right now, should be finished soon (I mean today :slight_smile:)

Just uploaded new update!!

  • new vehicle saving/storing logic etc.

Just redownload the script!

Hello, I have bought your script.
Amazing menu alot of configs!

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Hey! Thanks a lot for buying it! I am happy to hear it from other people that they love it!
New updates and functions coming soon… (a lot of them)

Good job bro :+1:

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UPDATE V1.0.1 - (24.09.2022.):memo:

  • New logic for getting all players (old one had problems with onesync compatibility)
  • Added black money display (Can add/set money etc.)
  • [context menu]: Only ‘ENTER’ is a valid key to execute an action in the menu
  • Added state bags for many things (implementing more of them in later versions)
  • Added revive all option
  • Removed some junk code and unnecessary server prints (ban prints)
  • Fixed getting a random player (new logic)
  • Added loaf garages support for vehicles (customer’s idea*)
  • Fixed player counter

Script owners, just redownload the script and update your context script!