[PAID][ESX/QB] PRO Hud | Nice Style


PRO Hud clean and nice design with gta5grand style,
Support ESX/QB framework,
High response with 0.00ms and 0.01ms in vehicle

The main display contains:

  • Speed Gauge [ You can make it MP/H with config.lua ]
  • Health Gauge
  • Fuel Gauge
  • Health, Armor, Hunger, Thirst Bars [NEW]
    – Animation when getting off and getting into the car
  • Dashboard lights and alerts
  • Date and Time [ You can make it real time with config.lua ]
  • Cash, Bank and third money [ Dirtymoney for ESX, Crypto for QB ]
    – You can disable third money from display in screen
  • GreenZone
  • Micorphone Icon
  • Radio Icon [NEW]
  • Website URL
  • Number of players present
  • Your ID
  • Side buttons for clarification


Showcase [old version]


  • Added Health, Armor, Hunger, Thirst Bars
  • Added Radio Icon under Microphone icon
  • Fix many bug’s

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Check out our Tebex store at https://pro.tebex.io

Code is accessible No
Lines (approximately) +400
Requirements ESX or QB
Support No

Looks nice, should be cool if you add, HP/Hunger,thrist etc, Weapon/ammo hud, cinema mode, hide hud.job, with that i think it can be one of the best huds.


will it work with pma-voice

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Add hunger thirst etc would buy it instantly

Yes it’s working with any Voice System.

It will be added in the next update

Damn, I’d love to see more of your work man!

This shit is clean stuff, well done :slight_smile: :+1:

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Any chance of an open source version?

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  • Added Health, Armor, Hunger, Thirst Bars
  • Added Radio Icon under Microphone icon
  • Fix many bug’s

If you have already purchased this script re-download the script from: https://keymaster.fivem.net/assets

I know, what I meant is that it’s identical to GrandRP one, which I trully love indeed, but if it was just inspired on their UI and not identical to it, I would certainly buy it.

Are you willing to create an alternative version of it?

Already added, you can activate it through Config.lua: Config.ShowOtherMoney

Is HTML accessible?

Yes it’s

this have job and ammo/weapon hud?, it will be cool to update the video


Question, is there any way to report this resource? Developer sold it, says support “yes”, but no support was provided, and pretty sure this was just a exit-scam

Yes, it includes a support service and everyone has been served,

You just want from us to make new additions to the script every minute.
You are not welcome yet, you can get your money back and never come back (PM me)

Com’on man, support?


There is no support provided for this script as it says there is, and the developer has gone ghost. He gets rid of anyone who tries to say anything about support

cant open link to buy sctipts

Hello! Is the compass that is displayed next to the map still available on Grand? Best regards