[paid] [esx & qb] aviator casino game - with ui

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When the round starts, the game gives you a random number that can appear on the screen. You must cash out before you reach the random number given by the game by placing a bet. If you can cash out before you reach the number, you can see the money you have deposited and the money you have earned on the left. You can see how much the number went up in the previous rounds from the top.


  • 0.00ms.
  • Open source.
  • Low price.
  • No dependencies.
  • Compatible with ESX and QBCore.
  • Inspired by real aviator game.
  • The rounds you win on the left and the number of previous laps are recorded with local storage. It stays the same even if you restart the server or log out of the game.
Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) All files total 2500
Requirements No
Support Yes


looking good

good work bro :v:

Good Work


Hi. I’ve a few questions:

  1. When starting it, it’s giving this error:
    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘toFixed’ of undefined (@oe-aviator-esx/html/scripts.js:18)

  2. How can I use real money or items to bet?

  3. How can I choose what the odds will be? As it is right now, it’s a free money machine, you always get a 1.X x

this is called Crash

sick release, more pls more make a big pack out of it more modern casino stuff :slight_smile:

Good work!

thx bro

my g :kissing_closed_eyes:

thanks dude

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Cool stuff bro

thx bro


yessirr im making new casino scripts :call_me_hand:

tysm broo :blush:

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