[PAID][ESX][QB] Advanced Zombie System

Advanced Zombie System

KAVES | Advanced Zombie System [ESCROW]
KAVES | Advanced Zombie System [OPEN SOURCE]


  • Easy Config

  • Zombies are out of sync(only you can see)

  • 4 different types of zombies and they all have their own characteristics(fast run, armor, extra health etc.)

  • There is no chance system. Gives random items(you can add it if you want, server side is not encrypted with escrow)

  • You can disable zombie spawning with Antizin

  • Zombies deal additional damage to vehicles and move the vehicle

  • Onesync/Onesync Infinity supported

  • You can add any zombie sounds you want(after adding the sounds to the interact sound, just enter their names in the config section)

  • Fully Optimized

  • Using Escrow system but open source code available for purchase on Tebex

Requirements / Dependencies

  • ESX or QBCore
  • Interact Sound

My Other Scripts

Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) +700
Requirements ESX or QBCore
Support Yes

Looks very nice :wave:

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thank you sir

nice myfriend

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Free version with more features :


Hello, my script is more optimized and doesn’t contain dirty code. There are a lot of dirty code and unnecessary events and loops in the script you posted. Thank you.

30/60 euro and the zombies don’t sync :woozy_face: rest seems good tho, but without sync it’s not very practical imo :man_shrugging:


Hello sir!

Of course my script has all those loops because it has more features in general and everything can be optimised as they want or disable if they don’t want any feature.

They can make their own zones types which are also fully configurable, add their own custom zombie peds, create as many zombie types they want and modify their health, damage, loot, everything.

It actually has everything, even ranking UI (Player User Statistics) with TOP players in the game.

Because it has loops, doesn’t mean it’s not optimised, you have to know how to use loops and loops are necessary when taking data from configuration file for multiple options.

I don’t judge you but all zombie scripts are free and already providing what you provide, so I don’t see any difference, I could make it as Paid with all those features but I haven’t.


You have already developed most of the code from esx_zombiesystem. esx_zombiesystem is not an optimized script. you could do more than one operation in a single loop, but you opened a separate loop for each feature. You do a lot of things using events. You could use function instead of event. :slight_smile:

Personally I don’t find a reason using functions for events which are called directly from the server, if you check out my code, all the events I am having are because they are called from server.

And yes of course, I admit it that some part of the code was from the original and that’s only the spawning but still not exactly the same because I had to do some improvements and many more to come.

But it’s okay, we don’t have to discuss all that in your script, we should end our discussion.


I’m not arguing anyway, sir. I’m just telling the difference between our two scripts. your script is already successful it’s just not optimized enough (in my opinion)

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It will be the best script. If the player sees the same zombies :sweat_smile:


Using stolen code.