[paid] [esx- qb] advanced car menu

no but we can do it

Cool stuff

thank you my friend

hopefully it works unlike the crypto one u sold me and have given 0 support for

stop crying
i have +100 customer and everything works perfectly

Please take note of crypto and bank amounts. This does not include ur insecure bank and cash posts from js to the client lua it litterally just takes a variable doesnt run any check server side snd gives you money. I’ll reiterate. Just because you are not smart enough to find the exploit doesnt mesn it doesnt exist

beautiful UI work well done!


Installed properly using a qbcore server. The Car menu display but nothing works. When I exit out the menu I can’t move stuck with a cursor on my screen. I have to f8 after pulling the menu up. Can anybody help please?

thank u so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


its not a error
script name must be oe-carmenu because the codes in it are written according to this name
but if you want to change the script name you have to change it one by one in the codes