[PAID][ESX] OxyRuns (NoPixel 3.0 Inspired)

This script is for cleaning dirty money. You pay 1500 in dirty money and for doing deliveries you will get cash back!

Buy here: https://system32scripts.tebex.io/category/1805435

You can change the prices you get for each package / Locations (Edit, add or remove) / Location of delivery start / Speed of the AI when driving to location / Cars for deliver e.g Sultan, bison ect / Cars AI will arrive in!

AI will drive realistically they will not go through red lights or start randomly hitting people!

If AI enter fleeing state or if the AI dies it will spawn a new AI to drive there / if you try give the ai nothing he will speed off.

If a person does a Oxy run and their car somehow blows up it will alert them and the delivery will be over!

Changelog 18/04/21

  • Fixed where players could go on an oxy run even though they didn’t have enough money!

  • Player can not take out multiply boxes now!

Everything is editable edit to how ever you like :slight_smile:

No IP lock or any sort of blocker enjoy!



Huh, interesting…

hmm, interesting…

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Mhm, interesting…


interesting :smiley:

does it work for onesync infinity

I have not done any testing with infinity, I got one person saying they were using infinity i think and their npc’s wouldn’t spawn. Even though i own this script i wouldn’t recommend you buy this if you are using infinity unless you know how to code a bit! Sorry!

Would be possible to add items as extra rewards instead of just cash?

yes it would be easy enough