[PAID] [ESX] [OX] Fivem Import/Export-System | Item based real-time auctions and more!


This resource uses the Fivem Asset Escrow System.

Import/Export-System - Item based real-time auctions and more!

The Import/Export system is an exciting new feature for fivem that takes item handling to a whole new level! With a tablet item and an intuitive user interface consisting of a context menu and a custom UI, players can access the import and export.

Players can bid on auctions in real time to sell their items lucratively or to receive items via the import. Players place bids and underbid or overbid each other while the auction is running. When the auction is over, the winner receives the export order or the goods from the import. Depending on where you place a bid, import or export.

Admins also have access to powerful tools to manage trading activity. They can create or delete auctions. Auctions that a player has already won can also be deleted. There is also the option to use the discord webhook feature, which logs all trading activity and records it in real time on a discord channel.

The import/export system is the perfect addition to any game that wants to create a dynamic and exciting trading environment. With simple UI’s and powerful features, it offers players an interactive trading experience that they will enjoy again and again!


  • ESX-Version: Use ESX-Legacy or older versions with TriggerEvents. Configurable in the config.lua.

  • Custom-UI: Import/Export uses a custom UI to nicely present the auctions.

  • Context Menu Integration: Players can use a tablet-item to access the Import/Export and to see their orders.

  • Customization: Edit this resource to your server’s specific requirements by configuring Items, NPCs, markers, languages and notifies.

  • Database: A SQL file will be included to save auctions won by players.

  • Safety: Robust precautions have been taken to prevent item duplication, ensuring a fair and balanced gameplay environment for everyone.

  • Languages: This script already has existing translations from English, German, Spanish and French.

  • Ideal for Economy Servers: Perfectly suited for servers that want to bring a fresh import/export-system to buy and sell items.

  • Admin-Tools: Admins can create and delete auctions. They can also delete auctions won by players.

  • Discord-Webhook: Every action can be logged to a discord channel.






This resource contains 3 resources: Import, Export and a Impexbridge.

  • ESX

  • mysql-async

  • ox_lib

  • ox_inventory


Link if the video doesn’t work


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  • Read the readme included in as_impexbridge

  • Install the dependencies

  • Put the item into items.lua (ox_inventory/data/items.lua)

  • Put the tablet image into images (ox_inventory/web/images)

  • Put as_import, as_export and as_impexbridge into your resources

  • Put asimport.sql and asexport.sql from impexbridge to your database

  • Add them to your server.cfg

  • Edit the configs to your liking and add some items

  • Enjoy!

Code is accessible Yes/No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 2000+
Requirements ESX, mysql-async, ox_lib, ox_inventory
Support Yes

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Because the post waited over 30 hours to be activated, there is a new discount. Instead of 15%, the new discount is 20% for the next 3 days from now on. have fun

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The currently active discount of 20% will be active until the first update drops. There is NO ETA at the moment.

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  • Added “My other resources” to the end of the main post to show you my other resources.
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Update 1.1.0 is now live!

  • Jobs/Ranks update: Jobs and respective ranks from which access to import/export is granted can now be defined in the config. (Independent of each other/import can have different jobs and ranks than export.)

  • Usability update: Closing the tablet (import and export) now returns to the context main menu instead of closing it completely.

Note: As announced, the 20% discount ends with the first update. However, from now on, the discounted price will remain as the original price.

Happy importing or exporting goods! :smiley:

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I’ve been looking for a script like this for a long time and the service was very friendly and always open to suggestions

The installation is plug and play

gladly again

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