[PAID] [ESX] ModV Used Vehicles


Introducing the “Used Vehicles” script, an addition to your FiveM server that breathes life into the car dealership job and takes the economy to the next level. With the “Used Vehicles” script, players with specific roles, such as car dealers, can purchase pre-owned vehicles from other players and seamlessly integrate them into a global job garage. These vehicles can then be resold to eager customers, creating a dynamic marketplace for second-hand cars.


  • es_extended
  • esx_society
  • ox_lib

Key Points:

  • Discord Support
  • Configurable script
  • 0.0 resmon in the entire resource
  • Saved vehicle modifications
  • Discord Logs

How it works:

  1. Transaction: A player with the car dealer job initiates a transaction with another player who wishes to sell their vehicle. The script facilitates the secure exchange of ownership and funds.
  2. Automatic access to used vehicles: After purchase, the used vehicle seamlessly integrates into the global job “garage” for car dealers, making it available for resale.
  3. Resale: Car dealers can then list the purchased vehicles in their dealership for other players to purchase. This dynamic marketplace keeps the economy thriving.


  • Vehicle on display
  • Contract and menu NUI

Unlock the potential of second-hand vehicles, elevate your server’s economic dynamics, and promote player-driven commerce with the “Used Vehicles” script.


Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) N/A
Requirements ESX & ox_lib/ox_target
Support Yes

Hello, is it possible to see how the script works in video?

Unfortunately, I don’t have a video available at the moment. Here’s how the process works:

  1. The car dealer sends a request to the player, offering to buy their vehicle.
  2. The player has the option to either accept or deny the request. If accepted, the car is transferred from the player to the car dealer.
  3. The car dealer can then visit the selling point, opening it through either the target or TextUI, to sell a vehicle to a player by sending a request with an offer. The player, in turn, can accept or deny the request. If accepted, the car is transferred from the car dealer to the player.

Obviously, everything is saved (also vehicle mods)

How do I sell vehicles to players? I clicked on the menu without any response

Join my discord so I can help you. You can find it on my tebex