[PAID] [ESX] METADATA DOCUMENTS id card - firearms license - driving license and city hall with employment system

Maldev MetaData documents and cityhall - PAID RELEASE
Realistic documents that store metadata information such as your first name, last name, date of birth, height, gender, and your photo within the game item.

How does the script work? Here is the presentation link: youtube video


  • Automatic generation of citizen ID numbers.

  • Identity cards, Licenses for firearms, driving license stored as metadata.

  • Utilizing metadata to store citizen information within the item itself.

  • Providing a PSD (Photoshop Document) with the ability to change the entire design of the ID card.

  • A job office where you can change your job, take a photo for the documents, obtain an ID card, licenses, and driver’s permits.

  • A built-in photo-taking system that stores images on Discord and ultimately saves them in a database as links.

Some ScreenShots
Screenshots with better resolution


  1. ox_inventory
  2. esx_legacy
  3. esx_dmvschool
  4. esx_license
  5. esx_identity
  6. screenshot-basic
  7. ox_mysql/mysql-async

The script has a built-in system for generating ID numbers, which you can configure in the config file. In the config, you can set the number of characters and the prefix.

The script has a built-in command “/businesscard” that allows you to check your name, job position, and rank (similar to a name tag), which can also be shown to someone else.

The script includes a built-in job office where you can take a photo. The photos are stored in a database, with Discord being the main image storage.

In the job office, you can also obtain an ID card, licenses, and driver’s permits, which create metadata about your character. As a result, the ID card received in the job office can be handed over to another person. After using the ID card, weapon license or driving license, the second person will be able to see your data and your face.

This feature is particularly useful when you want to enhance the level of roleplay on your server.

Editable Config


Future updates

  • Designed DUI for displaying for documents, i.e., what is shown in HTML, along with a facial image and information

  • Adding a car review document with system and mileage logging, where the review will also be associated with metadata.

  • Adding a document regarding a citizen’s certificate of no criminal record.

  • Adding EMS insurance document and faction badges, also including metadata.

Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) Client 748 - Server 555
Requirements ox_inventory, esx_legacy, esx_license, esx_dmvschool, screenshot-basic, esx_identity, oxmysql/mysql-async
Support Yes

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Forgive me, Sir, I have just added two options!

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Does this work on onesync legacy?


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So just for know, the player take the license, but for e.g : the player only got the item… the firearm license need to be delivered by a officer right ? is just a item no ?


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Yes, it’s just an item confirming the possession of a firearm license. The script itself simply checks whether the player has received such a license from an officer.
Certainly, during the production of the document at the city office.

I have also added an update regarding the design of the documents. They are now much more realistic. Can you please check them Sir?

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Awesome, makes great scripts :heart_eyes:

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Awesome scripts!!! I recommend!!! Zajebiste fredek :slight_smile:

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